Two locations to serve you: Find Us!

Two locations to serve you: Find Us!


We are proud to be the leading pediatric orthopedic bracing provider in the area. In addition to the countless hours of education and training necessary to provide proper pediatric care, members of our team have worked in prestigious hospitals, including the Shriners Hospital for Children.

Some of the pediatric services we offer include:

  • Cranial Remolding Helmets
  • Pavlik Harnesses
  • Club Feet
  • Dynamic Braces

Cranial Remolding Helmets:

If you child is suffering from a positional head deformity, a cranial remolding helmet may be necessary. When your child’s health is at risk, it is important you meet with a trusted professional. OrthoPro, the area authority on this orthosis, has spent years studying how to best help your child and has continually sought to use the best technology and tools to provide the best care possible.

Pavlik Harness:

This device is designed to help newborns with dislocated hips. The Pavlik Harness, when properly attached, will support your child’s body and stabilize the dislocated hip. This will alleviate the pain caused by the dislocation and will help your infant heal.

Club Feet:

If your child has clubfoot, a Dobbs bar has the potential to help. The Dobbs bar works by placing your child feet inside specially designed shoes attached to an adjustable bar. This process is proven to dramatically improve the condition and alignment of your child’s feet.

Dynamic Braces:

At OrthoPro, we specialize in orthotic braces, and with our in-office laboratory, we can adjust and modify braces of any size. As pediatric specialists, we have the tools and training to provide orthotic bracing care for your children for many medical conditions involving the spine, upper extremities, and lower extremities.

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