Two locations to serve you: Find Us!

Two locations to serve you: Find Us!

Our Services

  • Artificial Limbs

    Prosthetics is replacing a body part lost either to amputation, trauma, disease, or a birth condition. This is done to replace and improve functionality lost due to an amputation. 

  • Orthopedic Bracing

    Orthotics are more than inserts for your shoes. At OrthoPro, we specialize in custom-fit and off-the-shelf orthotics, which allows us to create and/or modify the device to fit your specific needs.

  • Pediatrics
    For Kids

    We are proud to specialize in pediatrics, and we know the services we offer have the potential to improve the lives of these children forever. We are excited to be the area authority in pediatric procedures, especially cranial remolding orthosis.

Why OrthoPro?

  • Our Outstanding Legacy

    The first time a patient visits our office, they can see what makes us different. We are proud to be the area authority on prosthetics, orthotics, and we are committed to providing long-term assistance to each of our patients by consistently using new, cutting-edge technology.

  • On Top of Our Game

    With more than 40 years of experience, our team of clinicians is dedicated to providing the best care and service in town. In addition to our time spent with patients each day, each member of the team spends countless hours completing rigorous training and gaining additional education.

We Don't Just Say We're Good

Our patients say so, too!

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  • “Michael is my hero. I came to him with little hope of being able to walk even with one step without pain. I’m now a liberated woman, walking with confidence around town, on loose gravel and on the lawn. Michael’s patience, wisdom and perseverance have produced a well-fitting socket that is painless, moves with me, and facilitates my personal activities. My thanks to everyone at OrthoPro for their time and patience and for giving me hope to dream again.”

    Carolyn, C-Leg Wearer

  • “I have found that the team at OrthoPro will spend the necessary time and effort to provide the best prosthesis, and therefore the best outcome my physical condition will allow. I find it comforting that this is a small family-owned business concerned with my goals and priorities.”

    John, Limb Hand Wearer

  • “Michael does an excellent job. He has his client’s interest and care at heart. He gives 150% and he is very thorough.”

    Richard, C-Leg Wearer

  • “Michael’s gentleness and concern were amazing. Michael was there from day one of the most terrifying and life changing events we have ever experienced. We chose OrthoPro for their amazing combination of professionalism and compassion. We come to Twin Falls from 80 miles away, but for the quality of care given by the fantastic group of people at OrthoPro, it is worth the trip.”

    Russell and Shailagh

The Pursuit of Excellence.
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