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OrthoPro Prosthetics and Orthotic Bracing

Prosthetic & Orthotic Technology

Whether it's a socket interface, microprocessor knee or foot system, bionic arm upper-limb prosthesis, or an upper or lower limb orthosis, OrthoPro has the technology to help meet your needs.

Silicone Restoration

Partial Hands & Fingers

OrthoPro works with our colleagues at ARTech to fabricate custom hand, partial hand, and finger prostheses to fit any type, age, and color. Acrylic fingernails are painted to closely match the patients' residual fingers, and silicone-based paint is used to simulate hair, wrinkles, or any other type of markings to blend with the residual hand.

Patient missing fingers before picture
Patient with missing fingers with prosthetics
Patient is very happy of how the prosthetics turned out

i-Limb Ultra Titanium

The i-Limb Ultra Titanium offers all the features of the i-Limb Ultra hand with additional titanium strengthened fingers, which increase the carry load by 50%.

  • Individually motorized digits with compliant grip and stall-out ability.
  • Electronically rotatable thumb, with manual override, automatically switches between lateral and oppositional positions.
  • Titanium strengthened fingers increase the carry load by 50%.
  • With our speed boost feature, digit speed can be increased by up to 30%.
  • Available in 3 sizes – small, medium, and large.
  • Multiple covering options available.
  • Muscle control uses specific muscle signals called triggers to instruct the hand to activate a specific grip.
  • 18 different automated grip options available.
  • Vari-Grip™ feature for additional grip strength.
  • Auto-Grasp™ – anti-drop safety feature for added reassurance.
  • Biosim™ and My i-Limb™ Apps.
  • App control provides instant access to Quick Grips™ at the touch of an icon.
i-Limb Ultra Titanium prosthetic hand

Silcare Breathe Technology

Silcare Breathe liner

Due to the increased effort involved in walking or running, amputees often have to deal with excessive sweating and reduced body area for cooling. Most of the existing solutions don’t work well to alleviate this issue.

Silcare Breathe liners have optimally sized, laser drilled perforations to allow moisture to escape which results in less moisture of the skin, a more secure fit, and an overall healthier environment for the residual limb.

High Fidelity Interface

Hi-Fi interface System

OrthoPro of Twin Falls is proud to be the exclusive Idaho licensee of biodesigns inc. High Fidelity (HiFi) Interface. The unique design of the HiFi captures and reproduces the natural motion of the bone that moves upper and lower limbs.

Whether you are an upper or lower limb loss patient, you'll experience a more efficient, better performing, and more comfortable socket. If you are a transfemoral amputee, you'll be able to walk faster with a longer stride and expend less energy. Your balance when standing will also improve.

If you're an upper limb amputee, you'll be able to carry heavier loads, lift your arm up higher, and have improved stability. You also won't experience the "sweat factor."

High Fidelity Interfaces
Woman with High Fidelity Interface leg prosthetic flipping a tire
Hi-Fi Chart

These images show the unique design of the HiFi. Four bar struts compress the tissue surrounding the residual limb, allowing them to flow through the window openings. As the tissue is compressed the socket gets closer to the bone, making it more responsive and controllable, as well as more comfortable. In a traditional socket, the soft tissue is enclosed or encapsulated, restricting the amount of control the socket can impart to the bone buried beneath the soft tissue.

Who can wear the HiFi?

If you are feeling that you are not getting the most from your prosthesis, if you are feeling fatigued after only a few hours of activity, if you cannot sit comfortably, if you look forward to the time of day you take your prosthesis off, then you are a candidate for this breakthrough socket system.

Don't waste any more time with a socket that isn't helping your mobility or functionality. Call OrthoPro for a FREE evaluation and to experience the HiFi difference. Exclusive in the state of Idaho, OrthoPro of Twin Falls.

Woman with High Fidelity Interface leg prosthetic playing soccer
High Fidelity Interface leg prosthetic

PDE Modular Composite Spring System

Our colleagues at Fabtech and Cornerstone have developed a composite brace system that incorporates a Posterior Dynamic Element (PDE) which makes it possible for us to help patients that suffer from conditions that affect the muscles and nerves, partial foot amputation, or other ailments in the lower leg. The PDE helps restore the dynamic aspect of your activity and puts the "spring" back into your step.

PDE Modular Composite Spring System back view
PDE Modular Composite Spring System side view
PDE Modular Composite Spring System front view

Unloader One® X

Unloader One X

Unloader One X is a medical device with biomechanical properties that is clinically proven to provide pain relief and functional improvements to people suffering from unicompartmental OA of the knee and degenerative meniscal tears.

The Unloader One X builds on more than 18 years of patient and practitioner experience and is designed with ease of use and effortless wear in mind.

Elevated Vacuum Pump

Elevated Vacuum Pump

Anclote Manufacturing Company’s elevated vacuum pump allows the user to control vacuum levels manually based on preference and activity levels. Vacuum levels achieved are 1” to 18” of mercury.

To activate the vacuum, simply pump the piston cartridge to achieve your desired level of vacuum, push the piston cartridge in completely, and twist clockwise to lock. A vacuum is achieved immediately after the prosthesis is donned, preventing any movement in the socket for the ultimate fit.

Icelock 562 Hybrid Unity

The Icelock 562 Hybrid is a lock for trans-tibial amputees of all activity levels, providing superior function by combining the benefits of locking suspension with the benefits of vacuum suspension.

Icelock 562 Hybrid Unity

Features and Benefits:

  • Option to change easily between locking suspension only, seal-in only, or combining these suspension mechanisms at the same time
  • Low build height (with male pyramid integrated)
  • Waterproof
  • Unity compatible
  • Direct Socket compatible
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